19-year-old Brian McCurren of South Bend, Indiana was a wee bit drunk on Saturday night, and hungry apparently. He decided he would look for a closed business to break into to get his grub on. He threw a flower pot through a window at a day spa called Therapeutic Indulgence, then went inside to raid the fridge.

Once inside, he found three of the best foods you can have when you're drunk: Hot Pockets, mac and cheese and Drumsticks ice cream cones.

He zapped a bunch of the Hot Pockets in the microwave while he heated up the mac and cheese on their stove.

Then, he was about to enjoy the ice cream cones, when he passed out!

The staff found him around 10:00am the next morning passed out, surrounded by the Drumsticks. All those hours and calories later, he was still drunk! He blew a .106 on the breathalyzer.

He was arrested for burglary, vandalism and minor consumption.