A guy named Jake Williams was driving his truck and trailer down a highway in Watson, Louisiana on Tuesday when he got thirsty.

OK, he was really thirsty...for some adult beverages. So, he decided to stop off at a daiquiri shop and have a few cocktails.

A few drinks turned into a lot of drinks and before he knew it, ole Jake boy was a sheet or two to the wind. He decided at that point it wasn't safe for him to drive so he did what any law abiding citizen would do -- he hopped on his horse, Sugar, and proceeded to trot on home.

Local police received some complaints so a deputy found Williams on the side of Highway 16 pacing along with Sugar. The deputy proceeded to give him a ticket for being drunk in public.

"When you get a little too much to drink, why not ride a horse?" Williams told a local reporter, "It's safer that way. The horse knows the way home."

Mr. Williams eventually got the message, had a family member pick him and his horse up and said he wouldn't do it again.

Lesson learned.

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