How does that line in that Jerry Jeff Walker song go? I think it's something like, "If I can just get off of this L.A. freeway without getting killed or caught" I am sure when Hall of Fame writer Guy Clark penned those words he did not have a drunk man riding a horse in mind.

However, that's exactly what we have in the story. The California Highway Patrol out of Santa Fe Springs posted this on their Twitter page Saturday.

Based on the police report the man, Luis Perez of Placentia, had ridden the white Arabian horse on the travel lanes of the 91 Freeway. He was also drunk. So that was the second issue with this particular bout of horseplay.

Highway Patrol officers reported that the man had a BAC of almost twice the legal limit to operate a vehicle. In this case, the vehicle was a horse which is also not allowed on major highways and especially the freeways in the Los Angeles area.

Perez was arrested and charged accordingly. The horse was returned to his mother, the man's mother, not the horses mother although I am sure both moms would have been really upset at the circumstances.

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