John Schneider, Bo Duke from "Dukes of Hazzard" is calling out Alec Baldwin for his explanation of the recent tragic on-set shooting for the movie "Rust".

YouTube Via John Schneider
YouTube Via John Schneider


In a video posted to YouTube, actor, and musician John Schneider talks about his issue with Alec Baldwin's explanation of what happened on-set the day of the shooting saying "share this with your friends if they are still apt to believe that a handgun can load and fire itself."

On December 2, Baldwin gave an interview to ABC News claiming "that despite holding the gun, he 'didn’t pull the trigger.'"

Schneider, whose home and studio are located in Holden, La., takes issue with the entirety of Baldwin's interview believing the whole thing was “'all designed to make us feel sorry for Alec Baldwin' and claimed the actor’s teary-eyed emotional responses during the interview were 'bulls–t'" as reported by

John Schneider 'Seriously Alec?'

At this point, Schneider has actually uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube talking about Alec Baldwin and Baldwin's claims and account of the fatal incident. One of those videos titled "Seriously Alec?" has racked up over 700,000 views.

However, it's another video posted by Schneider that has begun to really get people's attention.

YouTube Via John Schneider
YouTube Via John Schneider


John Schneider Alec Balwin 'This single action Colt can’t fire itself'

In his latest video on the subject, Schneider takes viewers through his movie set gun safety knowledge...knowledge he's gained throughout his extensive acting career.

In the video titled "This single action Colt can’t fire itself" Schneider isn't outright saying that Baldwin is lying, but he does set out to show why Baldwin's claim of not pulling the trigger is highly unlikely.

After seeing the extensive measures and actions taken for safety displayed by Schneider in the video, it certainly makes you wonder how the shooting could have ever happened.

There can always be extenuating circumstances, and Schneider attempts to address a couple of possible situations that could have happened without pulling the trigger, like having a finger already on the gun's trigger when the gun is cocked.

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think.

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