It was billed as Hee Haw with fast cars and girls in short shorts and it turned into an American Icon. It was this day 1979 America and the rest of the world took its first visit into Hazzard County. It was there we met the Dukes of Hazzard.

Luke Duke and Bo  Duke were two good looking country boys with a good heart and a nose for trouble. They had a really cool car they called the General Lee. They had an even hotter cousin, Daisy Duke, whose long sexy legs inspired a fashion trend that is still alive to this day.

Country legend Waylon Jennings was the balladeer who helped introduce the stories every week. His theme song to the TV show was a #1 Country hit in 1980. The legend of the Dukes has lived on through reruns, reunion tours and even a couple of museums dedicated to them. Hard to believe it all stared 34 years ago in our living rooms.

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