Lafayette has welcomed UFC star Dustin Poirier home with open arms.

A crowd gathered to greet Dustin and his wife Jolie upon their arrival at the Lafayette Regional Airport.

Ian Auzenne, KPEL News

Before Poirier and his wife, Jolie, could get out of the terminal fans were already snapping photos and sharing congratulations on his big win.

Included amongst the fans was Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory who recently awarded Poirier—a Northside Lafayette native—with a key to the city.

He made his way down the escalator where more fans were waiting at baggage claim.

Poirier even signed merch that featured his already-famous catchphrase—less than 24 hours old.

Others in attendance shared videos on social media of the moment Poirier returned.

In a heartfelt moment, Dustin and his wife Jolie were seen reunited with their daughter.

Ian Auzenne, KPEL News

Lafayette definitely showed up to show the champ how proud we all are of him.

Welcome home, Dustin. You've made us proud!

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