Just like e-mail didn't stop us from getting mail it appears that e-cigs are not helping smokers stop smoking. Despite what some advertisements might insinuate electronic cigarettes do not help a person quell their desire to smoke tobacco. A new study shows that these nicotine delivery devices actually have the opposite effect.

Dr. Edward Trapido is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at LSU Health New Orleans. He told the Louisiana Radio Network his opinion of findings recently released by The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 

Based on all the data that’s out there, there does not seem to be a solid effect that e-cigarettes help you quit, if fact, it makes it harder to quit.

That research seems to suggest that smoking e-cigarettes made it 28% harder for smokers to quit smoking. Trapido believes that another aspect of the electronic cigarette that makes it difficult for users to put down is the fact that e-cigs offer flavors. These flavors have been found to be quite appealing to younger users.

It’s dangerous from the point of view of trying to use them for cessation and it’s certainly dangerous as trying to use them as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Trapido also took exception to the notion that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes.

There are so many different chemicals involved in e-cigarettes that to call it a safe product is not really based on enough evidence to make that determination.

Many studies have shown that e-cigarette use actually leads people into cigarette smoking. Which is the opposite effect of what the product is often marketed to provide.