It is a tale of two elections. It is a tale of passion and apathy. It is politics as usual across these United States. Early voting in the general election in November was chaotic at times. There were often waits of an hour or more for voters to cast their ballots.

Now that most of the major races, including the race for President, have been decided. The interest in voicing an opinion in the runoff election has been palpable. Just for comparison purposes, on the first day of early voting for the general election 87-thousand people cast a ballot in Louisiana. Things are quite different for the runoff.

Typically for a December runoff, 35,000 on the first day is reasonable. There were 22,000 Saturday.

That means about 74% fewer voters took advantage of early voting for the runoff than did for the general election. That's what John Couvillion had to say to the Louisiana Radio Network. Couvillion is with JMC Analytics a political polling and consulting firm.

Based on those numbers you'd think that voters had no real reason to be concerned with casting their ballot. Don't think that. There are some very important local issues that still need to be decided plus there are congressional races in the 3rd and 4th districts.

A lot can change in 6 days, but in my experience that first day kind of sets the tone for early voting.

If you choose to vote early you may still do so through this Saturday. The runoff election is scheduled for the following Saturday, December 10th.

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