One can only imagine the pressure of walking in the footsteps of a legendary Father. Dale Earnhardt Junior has lived and raced in that shadow every day of his life. In the world of NASCAR the name Earnhardt commands a respect that is similar the name Lombardi in Green Bay or Pele in the world of Soccer.

Dale Junior is a good race car drive. His daddy, was a great race car driver. Today Dale Junior took another step back toward living up to the family name when he won on Father's Day at Michigan International Speedway.

From the beginning of the race it was obvious that Earnhardt's number 88 car was going to be good enough to win. Being good enough and winning don't usually happen in NASCAR unless there is some luck involved. This time lady luck or maybe an angel with a bushy mustache and Cheshire cat grin smiled down on the Irish Hills of Michigan and that plus some above average skill and a darn good race team brought Dale Junior back to victory lane.