If you've ever wanted to own your own ranch and have a little over $3 million sitting in the bank, this may be the most unique opportunity ever.

An east Texas property called the Blue Hole Ranch is up for sale and is listed at a cool $3,099,743.

But this isn't just any ranch. Located in the piney woods of Zavalla, Texas, this ranch sits on the famous Blue Hole Lake.

The 12-acre body of water is a bit of an "accidental lake". The Blue Hole began as a sandstone quarry. Stones were mined to construct the Galveston sea wall some 200 miles away.

The folks at Wide Open Country pick up the story from there.

It was a dynamite blast that turned the dusty rock quarry into a shimmering lake. In 1920 miners were blasting in an attempt to dislodge more sandstone when a geyser broke through and revealed an underground spring. As the story goes, the high-pressure natural spring shot water up into the air for days. Eventually, the waters filled the space created by the rock mine and The Blue Hole was born.

The Blue Hole Ranch sits on a 413-acre tract around the lake and is part of a larger 1,600-acre tract. There is a shared-use agreement between the three owners, giving each access to the entire 1,600 acres.

There is a bit of a catch -- there really isn't a home on the property. Looking through the pictures, you can see one sort of old "camp," but that's it. But the property is perfect for that "dream home."

What Blue Hole does offer is several common areas with one big pavilion that includes a grill, big screen TV, cooking area, and men's and women's restrooms. Below the pavilion are steps down to the beautiful sandy beach.

There are also rope swings, a fire pit, a high dive, and a ladder to climb back to the top.

Interestingly enough, the Blue Hole will not support fish or other aquatic animals due to its very high alkaline level. It does not, however, allow algae or other bacteria to grow.

There are even rumors that the waters have healing properties (but that claim can't be verified).

Check out pictures of the Blue Hole property below and if you're interested in it, check out the real estate listing here.

Blue Hole Ranch


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