I was originally going to say this story is about an evolution in "green pizza" but that didn't sound to appetizing so I opted for Eco-friendly. I am not an enthusiastic environmentalist but I do care about the planet and the world I will leave behind for my kids and grand kids. I should probably learn more about recycling. In this video I found at least one way I know I will be willing to help.

This new pizza box really does solve most of the problems with having a pizza. The way the lid breaks down and tears off into four throwaway plates is genius. The bottom of the box's ability to be folded to a small storage container is absolutely a stellar idea.

This would also mean your pizza box trash will fit into most household trash containers too. That way  you don't get the pizza box lid over the garbage can blocking the way for other items you want to throw away. I hope the major pizza suppliers in our country will take a look at this box. I think it's a great idea and the people that thought of it should be rewarded with a profitable future.

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