With the recent drop in temperatures, it's gumbo fever across Acadiana. You've made countless pots of gumbo in your life, but have you ever made a gumbo pizza? After seeing this video you're probably going to want to ASAP.

Ceddies Kitchen Gumbo Pizza
Facebook Via ceddieskitchenseasonedwithlove

Ceddie's Kitchen Gumbo Pizza

Last week we told you about a Shreveport woman's incredible Gumbo Pot Pie recipe, now we've got another gumbo recipe that's going to knock your socks off.

Digital Creator Ceddie's Kitchen: Seasoned with Love is currently breaking the internet with her mouthwatering Gumbo Pizza recipe.

Ceddie describes herself as a "Home Chef living in NC with Louisiana roots."

Watching her build the roux for her amazing Gumbo Pizza recipe, her Louisiana roots are quite evident.

Taking a look at Ceddie's Kitchen: Seasoned with Love's social media accounts, you'll find some incredible cooking videos.

Recipes for dishes like Spicy Stuffed Meatballs, Cuban Pork Roast Chili, Louisiana Cabbage Soup, Jerk Chicken Tenders with Jerk Sauce, Cornbread Chili Dogs, and much more.

Gumbo Pizza
Facebook Via ceddieskitchenseasonedwithlove

Ms. Ceddie covers a lot of culinary bases in addition to her amazing Louisiana recipes.

Speaking of her Louisiana recipes, she has a cookbook currently available on Amazon.com called "Tastes Like Home: The Louisiana Edition".

From Amazon.com -

"My name is Cedreka, affectionately known as Ceddie, and I want to share with you my very first ebook- Tastes Like Home: The Louisiana Edition.

It's a collection of recipes highlighting the rich flavors of my home state Louisiana. Some dishes you may be familiar with, but others might be a welcome surprise."

OK, now you know a little bit about Ms. Ceddie, let's dive into this Gumbo Pizza!

First, Ceddie makes a delicious dark, this roux to use as the pizza sauce.

Then, she spreads the roux on the pizza dough, just as you would normal pizza sauce.

Next comes the seasoned, cooked chicken, sausage, crab meat, and shrimp.

Topped with a bit of cheese to hold everything together and Katie bar the door, you've got yourself a legit Gumbo Pizza!

Acadiana Trigger Warning - As Ceddie explains in the video, she doesn't usually put tomatoes in gumbo. However, being that this was a pizza sauce, she decided to toss some in.

Make sure to follow Ceddie's Kitchen: Seasoned with Love on Facebook and her other social media channels for more incredible recipes.

Now, without any further ado...Gumbo Pizza!

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