It won't be a Thanksgiving at home for former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. Edwards, whose last public appearance was at an election party for Governor Elect John Bel Edwards, was admitted to a Baton Rouge hospital on Tuesday.

According to comments made to the Louisiana Radio Network by Edwards' biographer, Leo Honeycutt. the four term Governor is being treated for symptoms of pneumonia. He went on to say that respiratory issues are not uncommon for Edwards.

He battled pneumonia after he and Trina got married and he's always had this time of year some upper respiratory problem, you may recall back in 2012, he had the flu

The prognosis for the former Governor's recovery do appear to be good, at least according to Honeycutt.

He is in good condition right now, the doctors say it's not serious and he'll probably be out in two to three days.

Edwards' wife Trina had suggested in her comments that the former Governor's treatment protocol would include several rounds of antibiotics and a full and complete recovery was expected. Sources close to family said they fully expected him to be back at home before the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.




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