When you think about the qualities and attributes you like in people "convicted felon" is not usually one of the items you put on your list.

One former Louisiana Governor has that particular stigma attached to his legacy and the people  that he served in the state's top job don't seem to mind that at all.

The Clarus Research Group was commissioned by The Advocate and WWL-TV to survey citizens of the state on their opinions of our state's last six Governors. Topping the list was Edwin Edwards. Edwards was a six term leader of the state and while his terms were often clouded with controversy Edwards says there was a reason why the voters were comfortable with him.

People could reach me.  I was on the telephone.  I was on my job.  I met with members of the legislature.  I worked with them.  We got things done.  That's what government is supposed to do, take care of people.

The former Governor made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.

In the survey 31% of respondents said Edwards was the state's best Governor. 21% of those surveyed chose Mike Foster for that honor while current Governor Bobby Jindal only polled a 14% rating. Speaking of Jindal, Edwards had this to say.

The fellow abandoned his job.  He took his pay and took expensive state troopers and traveled around the world at our expense and did nothing to restore the budget in Louisiana.

By the way when the survey question was flipped from who was the state's best Governor to who was the state's worst Governor Jindal won hands down. 41% of respondents said that the current Governor was their choice to be the best of the worst.

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