I'll admit it, I have spring cleaning fever. Which means I need to just go with it for awhile, because I know it's not going to last!

Healthy Way has enlightened me to some things that I'm going to get rid of as soon as I get home today. Like, the minute I walk in the door. Time to get cleaning, y'all!

  • Pancake Mix - the older it gets, the more likely it is to contain mold
  • Potatoes - especially if they are sprouting, or have mold
  • Off Brand Cell Phone Chargers - yes, they might cost a fraction of what the name brand ones cost, but they also don't provide consistent power, which could mean battery damage
  • Old Medications - not all are dangerous if they are expired, but the potency is surely affected
  • Expired Makeup and Skin Products - Sunscreen weakens with age, and bacteria begins to grow when active ingredients are weakened. This goes for a lot of other makeup and products you put on your face as well.
  • Toothbrushes - they can hide bacteria, even when they are right out of the box. Get a new one, stat!
  • Old Phones and Laptops - the lithium batteries in these can actually burst, and may even cause a fire
  • Old Shoes - most shoes wear out at about 300-500 miles of running or walking. Who knew?! But they can degrade unevenly, and will not absorb shocks as well to the bottom of your feet. Just get rid of them


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