Don't know what to do now that Starbucks is "ruining" Christmas with their new Holiday cup? Don't worry, Ellen has the perfect solution.

Warning: If you actually think Starbucks is declaring a "war on Christmas" with their new minimalist holiday cup, you may as well stop reading now and go back to the crazed fear-mongering blog you were reading before you stumbled upon this post.

If you are like me, and wonder how this even became a "thing" in the first place, then prepare to enjoy Ellen's perfect (and did I mention hilarious?) response to the whole #CupGate2015 controversy.

Oh, and for the record—the whole premise this "controversy" was based on was bogus to begin with.

Contrary to what that self-proclaimed Facebook personality guy said, Starbucks totally has "Christmas stuff" (as in things that actually have the word "Christmas" printed on them) in their stores.

The talk show host never fails when it comes to breathing a little bit of common sense into crazy situations much like #CupGate2015, and always reminds us that we aren't crazy for thinking that sometimes folks can be a bit ridiculous.

In the end, the effort to "boycott Starbucks"—even from people like Donald Trump—will only help the international coffee brand to increase sales and only remind us to hit up that drive-thru first thing in the morning or on our 30-minute lunch break.

By the way, I love you, Ellen—but I'm definitely not buying those glasses.

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