A solar eclipse is coming our way Monday, August 21st. The eclipse will be able to be seen across the U.S., but what you'll see of it will vary depending on where you live. How much of the solar eclipse will we see here in Acadiana? This interactive map lets you type in your zip code to find out. It also tells what time you'll see it.

Just head over to Vox.com to type in you zip code, and you'll see a fantastic animated graphic show you what you'll see of the solar eclipse, and at what time you'll see it.

I live in the 70503 zip code and below is the information it gave me.

Solar Eclipse in Louisiana

According to vox.com, I'll be able to see a 73% of the sun blocked by the moon. Not too shabby.

The site will even tell you where you need to drive to view the eclipse at it's fullest based on your zip code. I would nee to drive 497 mile NE for the best view.

Ready to get your info? Click it on over to vox.com and get started!

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