Remember a few months ago when we all thought we were getting some money back because Equifax allowed some of our personal information to become not so private? We all went to a website, entered our information, and some of us, myself included, found out that we should be getting some money as part of reparations of a settlement that Equifax made for their faux pas.

I haven't gotten squat from the settlement and I bet you haven't either. That's because we are now finding out that there will be more legwork on our part if we want to claim our share of the settlement.

If you were affected by the data breach and would still like your compensation of $125 bucks or free credit monitoring. (Oh my however will I choose between the two). Then there is now another Equifax website you'll need to visit. If you don't visit that website by October 15th then you'll have to wait even longer for any remuneration from the company.

Basically what has happened is that more people have filed for a cash settlement than there is money available. That means the company is having to verify all claims. That's what you can do at the website. If you aren't web-savvy and still want to file you can send correspondence to this address:

c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91318
Seattle, WA 98111-9418

Just make sure you include your full name, your claim number, and your zip code. There is no specific timetable that has been given for when and if your correspondence will receive attention.

And these are the people whose services help determine our creditworthiness. It's kind of ironic, isn't it?



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