You read that right...escaped self cloning mutant crawfish have reportedly "taken over" a Belgian cemetery. Pretty sure I know an easy way to end this so called take over, but let's find out more shall we...

Apparently, Belgian scientists have been experimenting with breeding self-cloning mutant marbled crawfish. Yeah, self-cloning anything just sounds like a really bad idea to me.

Oh, and also refers to these crawfish as "Beasts".

From -

"Hundreds of the duplicating crustaceans, which can dig down to up to a meter and are always female, pose a deadly threat to local biodiversity after colonizing a historic Antwerp graveyard.

Marbled crayfish, which travel across land and water at night and eat whatever they can, do not occur in nature and are banned by the European Union."

These terrifying "beasts" used to be kept as pets in Belgium until they were outlawed in 2014.

Apparently someone had one of these marbled crawfish and got tired of keeping it as a pet, so they released it in a canal located in the Antwerp cemetery.

You up for a road trip? I figure by the time we get there maybe there will be enough lunch.


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