Firefighters in Eunice were summoned to a blaze that broke out on the Eunice Iota Highway early Saturday morning. That fire virtually destroyed a four-plex apartment dwelling leaving the four families without a home and very little else.

While investigators are still piecing together what happened the fire is believed to have started in the apartment occupied by Anthony Richard's daughter. Richard relayed the events of the early morning blaze to reporter Neal Zeringue of KLFY Television.

According to that report, Richard and his wife Lorie were awakened shortly after 3 am Saturday by the sound of their daughter, who lived in the same building, banging on the door telling her parents they needed to get out because the four-plex was on fire.

After battling the blaze for about four hours Eunice firefighters with assistance from at least two other fire departments were able to bring the blaze under control. Unfortunately, the building and its contents were a total loss.

There were no injuries reported in the blaze although the Richard's daughter was hospitalized for smoke inhalation and because she lost her insulin in the blaze. A GoFundMe account has been set up for those who would like to assist the families involved in getting back on their feet.  If you'd like to donate clothing, toiletries, or other items directly to the family. A collection station has been set up at Raceway 748 in Eunice.

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