With the death of boxing superstar Muhammad Ali over the weekend, we are taking a look back at a much loved man, who was way more than just an athlete.

He called himself 'The Greatest', and even his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is appropriately unique, as it is on the wall, and not on the ground like the other 2,500 stars. It is just about eye level, and located next to the Dolby Theater, where the Academy Awards are held, at 6801 Hollywood Blvd.

In 2002, when Ali's star was about to go up, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to break with tradition, and put the star on a wall, and not on the ground. Their reasoning was that Ali didn't want people to walk all over his name, and since he was one of the most famous showmen in the world, they would honor his wishes.

RIP to one of a kind.

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