Steve Harvey is a funny guy, he makes a living making people laugh. Recently he has taken more of a Dr. Phil turn, telling people who to live their lives in a more productive way. How to improve their relationships and be a better husband. Well according to his former wife, he still has a lot to learn on that subject!

Mary Harvey, a former cosmetics associate, wants you all to know that the uber successful radio host/"relationship expert"/comedian/actor/author that we all know as Steve Harvey is not the same man she married several years ago. And to the public, he's acting like a stand-up guy that he really is not, at least not to her.

I guess if you're gonna talk the talk you better be walkin the walk Steve. I can only imagine how ugly this is really going to get.

(via Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Of 16 Years BLASTS Steve On Cheating on Her With Other Women...Including Marjorie! [EXPLICIT MISTRESS LETTER INSIDE] | The Young, Black, and Fabulous.)