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The Proper Way To Quit A Job [Video]
We've all had to do it. We've had to quit a job. Sometimes it's with great sadness and sometimes it is with the biggest smile on our faces that we turn in our notice. There is always a little fear that the boss is going take it hard and not give us the chance to grab our favorite coff…
Happy Family Feud Day!
On this date in 1976, one of the best game shows of all-time, The Family Feud, debuted on ABC. The late, great Richard Dawson hosted and proceeded to do so until the show was cancelled in 1985.
Ex-Wife Blasts TV Host!
Steve Harvey is a funny guy, he makes a living making people laugh. Recently he has taken more of a Dr. Phil turn, telling people who to live their lives in a more productive way. How to improve their relationships and be a better husband. Well according to his former wife, he still has a lot to lea…