Smoking is bad for you. e-cigs or electronic cigarettes have helped a number of people I know and dearly love cut their use of tobacco. That is a good thing. However when I see reports that e-cigs have been exploding in people's homes, cars and mouths, I think we have reason to be concerned.

Many of the incendiary incidents have been reported in off brand products. The incidents have also occurred when the unit was either charging or the explosion was the result of a faulty battery.

What are e-cigarettes and are they safe? The debate is raging in the medical community about the safety of inhaling the nicotine infused vapor produced by the electronic device. Some doctors argue that the e-cigs are just as or even more dangerous than smoking regular cigarettes. I supposed only time will tell which side of the argument is right.

What's the best way to keep my e-cig from exploding? Believe it or not you use the same principles to keep your e-cig from exploding that you use to keep your car from exploding. Proper care and maintenance are essential. That means regular cleaning and the proper and prompt changing of parts.

My personal opinion on e-cigs is this. They seem to allow those who choose or need to smoke the opportunity to get their fix without their habit infringing upon me. That seems fair if you ask me. Smoking is a choice. My choice is to not smoke but for those who do smoke weigh your options and at least take a look at the e-cigarette. Consult your doctor and read the reviews on the internet because if you're going to be smoking, I would rather it be from a harmless vapor than a nicotine infused explosion.