Spring has finally sprung, even though it's been a little chilly in the last couple of days. As I drive around Lafayette and see all the beautiful azalea's blooming, I'm reminded of how much I love living in the south!

We all know that being a Southerner means that we talk different than folks in other parts of the country, and yes, we kind of have our own language. Southern Living Magazine, the bible of southern women everywhere, has a list of expressions that people up north would probably be scratching their heads over, and we're ok with that. Check out the list below, and the meaning behind these classic phrases. I can see you shaking your head already, sugah, enjoy!


  • Bless Your Heart
  • It Doesn't Amount to a Hill of Beans
  • More than Carter's Got Little Pills
  • Madder Than a Wet Hen
  • If I Had My Druthers
  • Pretty as a Peach
  • If the Creek Don't Rise
  • Hold Your Horses
  • Funny as All Get Out
  • Heavens to Betsy
  • Too Big for his Britches
  • Can't Never Could

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