Ricardo Cerezo and his wife had just made the incredibly impossible decision to end life support for their 14-year-old daughter. In addition, the Cerezo's were facing foreclosure on their home. Little did they realize that their deceased daughter had left a gift for them in her old bedroom that would save their house. Waiting in a cookie jar was a winning lottery ticket worth over 4 million dollars.

The Cerezo's daughter Savannah suffered a series of seizures that tragically led to her passing. Devastated with grief, the Cerezo's couldn't bring themselves to touch anything in Savannah's room. Only days from eviction, Ricardo's wife encouraged him to check the 11 lotto tickets being kept in a cookie jar in Savannah's room. That's when they found out Savannah had them covered.

In that cookie jar was a winning quick pick ticket worth $4,850,000.

"After taxes, Cerezo and his family will receive $3,395,000 according to the Illinois Lottery’s report. They plan to use the money to pay off their mortgage, add to their other children’s college funds, and donate to their church and various charities."

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