The family of an 18-wheeler driver who died Thursday night following a heart attack and a crash is hoping Acadiana can help find their dog and get it back to them in North Carolina.

The chihuahua was riding with his owner when the man had a heart attack and crashed at the Egan exit (Exit 76) on I-10. According to the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter's Facebook page, paramedics found the dog sitting on the man's lap when they reached the scene of the accident. However, when the shelter got to the truck, the dog was gone. The driver, sadly, passed away.

His family and the shelter are asking that everyone please be on the lookout for the dog.

If you see this chihuahua, please call 384-7676 or respond to them on Facebook.

There are several dogs in the Acadia Parish area missing, too. If you've seen any of them, contact the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter or comment on their Facebook page.


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