There is sad news to report in regards to a missing pregnant woman in Lafayette. KATC is reporting that the family of Skye Angers has shared on social media that she and her unborn baby are dead.

Skye's mother, Traci Angers, shared in a Facebook post on Tuesday evening that it has been confirmed her daughter and unborn baby are dead. She said that her daughter's body was dumped but has not been found and they are still looking for her.

KATC spoke with Traci Angers via phone on Tuesday night and she said the family is appealing to anyone who might know anything regarding the case to contact the Lafayette Police Department at 337-291-8600.

Skye was last seen on January 4, 2021. A missing person report was filed on January 9.

Lafayette Police Department says there is no update at this time and the investigation continues.

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