There is no doubt that here in Acadiana we've seen a steady and significant increase in some of our towns, namely Broussard and Youngsville.

But, perhaps the economic slowdown of the last couple of years has hampered some of the growth in the area. Not sure, but I just read an interesting article from 24/7 Wall St. where they identify the fastest growing cities in each state.

First off, the U.S. population as a whole has grown by 3.7% over the last five years. That's not all that much historically speaking, but of course there are areas that have grown more rapidly.

The city in the country with the biggest growth over the last five years is The Villages, Florida. (It's just a little northwest of Orlando in case you were wondering.) They've grown by 25.8% over that stretch.

What about the Bayou State? The city with the biggest growth over the last five years is Hammond.

The population of the town in 2016 was 130,710. That's a 6.6% jump over the last five years. The state average is around 2.3%. The largest driver of growth according to the findings was "domestic migration".

Some may question the validity of this article. However, it doesn't specify if the figures only involve cities of certain sizes. Because, for example, Broussard grew by 37.9% from 2010-2015 (8,197 to 11,303).

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