To say this is an LSU issue would be wrong and misleading. It is an issue that we as a society need to deal with. The issue is sexual assault on college campuses.

Far too many times innocent victims are shamed into silence or the "boys will be boys" defense is used to cover up a serious crime. This can't be allowed to  happen at LSU or any university for that matter.

State Senator J.P. Morrell spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network in regards to a report by WVUE TV that LSU was being investigated by the United States Department of Education for the way it handles cases of sexual assault and rape.

Morrell has been adamant in his support of legislation that would require colleges and universities to do a better job of reporting and investigating allegations of such crimes. He explained why our institutions of higher education aren't doing what they  need to do.

For the most part, they think the issue is too complicated, it's too large, and rather than deal with it head on many of them stick their head in the sand and pretend that's not an issue.

An advocacy group on the LSU campus said that 16 rapes were reported last year. Federal investigators are looking into the policies and procedures at LSU to see if the university responded the way it should have.

Morrell says that universities are supposed to have policies and procedures in place. In fact it is a law that is mandated by Title IX. However Morrell believes this very important work is not being handled in the best way possible.

You had many universities across the state that were off-loading that very important, federally mandated job to like a volleyball coach or a janitor.

Officials at LSU were unable to respond publicly to these allegations or questions about the investigation. University policy dictates that  no comments can be made about ongoing investigations.

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