It doesn't matter whether you see the glass as half full or half empty when it comes to change people around this part of the world simply don't want you messing with their glass. Such will be the case when more and more people find out about the changes coming to Festival International this year. 

The one change that will get most of the chin wag around the office, the bars, the water cooler and social media is the announcement that there will be a parking fee charged at Cajun Field. For many festival-goers parking at Cajun Field and hitching a ride on the free shuttle to downtown for the festival has been the path of least resistance.

Festival organizers announced yesterday that there will now be a $10 fee to park at Cajun Field. The money, however, will not be going to Festival International. That money will be split between the University of Louisiana's Transportation Department and the U.L. Athletics Department.

It just so happens that the weekend of Festival International the Ragin Cajun Baseball team will be hosting Texas State and Ragin Cajun Softball will be hosting. Coastal Carolina. Plus there will be a boxing match at the Cajundome. So parking will be at a premium.

By the way, you will be able to pay the parking fee by using cash, credit, or debit card.

The other change announced by Festival International organizers is the expanded use of the RFID wristbands. Those bands, once purchased, can be loaded with money like you would load a gift card for example, and then used to purchase beverages, food, and merchandise.

This "swipe your wristband" technology should help relieve congestion at concession areas and make it easier for festival attendees to monitor their spending. The wristbands can be reloaded by using a credit card.

Festival International brings approximately 300,000 visitors to Acadiana during it's 5-day run. The dates of this year's festival are April 24th through the 28th.


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