So many people describe Festival International as their favorite time of year. But if you mention the lines at the beverage stations or (gasp) having to visit port-a-potties, that feeling of elation suddenly starts to deflate.

Festival International is a free festival, but it costs more than $1-million to put on one of Lafayette's biggest parties. Sponsors helps pay that hefty price, but it takes more than a few generous donors to ensure that festival lives on.

Organizers have designed the Festival Pass Program where ordinary folks like you and me can help, and reap benefits at the same time!

A Lagniappe Festival Pass offers you access to three clean, air-conditioned bathrooms. If you have a child with you holding your hand, they can accompany you at no extra charge. You will also be allowed into express lines at three cocktail stops. A Lagniappe pass costs $65 per person (plus fees).

If you'd like to add up-close and front row viewing at select stages, as well as on-stage access at two of the stages, upgrade to the Bon Temps Pass. It costs $200 per person and includes the bathroom and express line access, too.

Both the Lagniappe and Bon Temps passes are good for all five days of festival. If you aren't planning on attending all days, the pass is transferable.

Of course, the option to become a Festival International donor is always open. Certain levels of giving have their own perks. If you feel inclined, contact any member of the Festival International board, and they will be happy to assist you.


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