In an interview with KLFY News 10, the fiancée of one of the missing Seacor members says she got a call that made her believe he was rescued.

35-year-old Jay Guevara is one of the men who are still missing after the Seacor Power capsized two weeks ago. His fiancée, Krista Vercher, said she got a phone call the day the boat capsized informing her that Jay was still alive.

What she would soon realize is that alive didn't necessarily mean rescued.

Vercher said rescue crews found Guevara on the lift boat and told him to jump in the water and swim to their boat. Quickly after, the crew told him to turn around and hide in a hatch on the Seacor Power instead.

The report from KLFY says that was the last time that anyone saw or heard from Jay, but even though the U.S. Coast Guard and many other groups have called off the search, Vercher says she's not giving up hope.

I’m a wreck here, but I do have hope. I don’t feel he’s gone, and until somebody tells me that he is, I’m still not going to feel that. I still feel like he’s alive just because I know how strong of a man he is and how much he loves not only me but his family. He’s always told me, ‘No matter what happens, I will fight until I have no more fight in me to make sure I come home to y’all.'

Guevara's fiancée believes "he could be anywhere" and tells KLFY's Britt Lofaso that she's upset that he's lost right now, but still plans to spend forever with him.

He could be anywhere. He could be floating in the water. He could have washed up into the marsh or on one of the islands out there. I’m very lucky that there’s still people searching, and they’re not going to give up until they find him. But it still hurts because I don’t know how he’s going to come home to me. And if they never find him, I’m never going to have closure because he’s just somewhere.

The life vests and helmets found by the Cajun Navy only elevated Vercher's hope that Guevara could still be found as she plans on rushing "to wherever he was."

Donations and efforts from local businesses and people have gone to those who are assisting with the search and recovery efforts for the men who are still missing.

See the full report here via KLFY.

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