LAFAYETTE (KPEL News) - Multiple law enforcement agencies came together to recover almost $400,000 in stolen oilfield equipment.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, LPSO SWAT, and Iberia Parish law enforcement conducted a multi-agency investigation after a recovered truck and trailer was tied to another theft in Iberia Parish.

According to a release from LPSO, detectives with LPSO were responding to a call from a business in Broussard on Sunday evening. The business reported a stolen truck and trailer, but it was later recovered. However, that wasn't the end of the story.


Detectives with LPSO then learned that the truck and trailer were involved in a separate theft in Iberia Parish during the time it was missing.

That theft involved $150,000 worth of oilfield equipment, and investigators believed that the equipment was taken back to Lafayette and dropped off at a resident on Pierce Street in Lafayette. Once a warrant was obtained, LPSO SWAT executed a search of the residence and found not only that missing equipment, but also other stolen equipment worth even more.

attachment-Iberia Parish Sheriff IPSO Police Car
Credit: IPSO/Facebook

All in all, the equipment recovered totaled roughly $393,000.

A suspect has been identified, according to LPSO, and an arrest is pending. The investigation is still ongoing.

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