In 1991 the Louisiana State Legislature approved the use of medical marijuana. The problem with what happened in 1991 they never made provisions for prescribing, distributing and monitoring of the process. In effect they passed a law that meant absolutely nothing.

Louisiana State Senator Fred Mills, Republican from St.Martinville, has authored a bill to be considered by the legislature that would in fact fill in those blanks. Mills bill, which would be a companion bill similar to one proposed by State Representative Dalton Honore', would set specific guidelines for pharmacist, growers and regulators of marijuana as medicine.

In a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network, Mills spoke about his proposal and the law passed in 1991,

"In 1991, the legislature approved the use of medical marijuana, but never did they come up with the specifications of distribution,  prescribing, and just the whole monitoring of it, and this bill addresses what took place in '91.  It basically fills in the blanks."

Mills went on to say that his bill is intended to benefit those whose suffering can be eased by the use of marijuana while maintaining strict controls on it.

"We have the Department of Agriculture, the Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Medical Examiners, and the State Department of Health and Hospitals, and State Police all working in unison to make sure the people that need the product for medical purposes, get it.  But it also regulates it so it doesn't expand to recreational use."

Under Mills' proposal many state agencies would be involved in the regulation and dispensation of the medical marijuana. He says this proposal is intended to help those who are under a doctor's care. The next session of the Louisiana Legislature will convene in Baton Rouge on March 10.