A burning candle left unsupervised. That would never happen in your house, would it? Tuesday evening it might be more the rule than the exception as families celebrate Halloween.

Many of us will put a candle inside a pumpkin and place it outside our home. That candle could be the catalyst for a devastating fire if you don't take a few precautions.

Make sure that the pumpkin is set down on a secure base. Make sure the area around the pumpkin is clear of dry leaves and other Halloween decorations. Make sure you're keeping an eye on the pumpkin and the candle as you are delivering treats to trick or treaters in your neighborhood.

Halloween decorations such as spider webs, scarecrows, witches on brooms, and the like all contain flammable material. Make sure these items aren't placed too close to open flames or heaters.

Many people use Halloween as a time for social gathering. In Louisiana, that means cooking. If you're planning on setting up the kitchen outside make sure the area is clear of combustible debris such as leaves and limbs. Also, make sure someone is assigned to watch the grill or burners. It's those moments of inattention that can lead to tragic events.

Most commercially produced Halloween costumes are made with fire retardant material. Homemade costumes usually are not. Keep that in mind when choosing and creating the outfits that your children will wear during trick or treat times in your neighborhood.

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