So many pets are lost on holidays, mainly due to fireworks. Anybody who has dogs and cats has seen them get completely freaked out when the M-80's and firecrackers go off, sometimes days in advance of the actual holiday. It's heartbreaking, but easily preventable.

Pet Finders has some safety tips for pet owners, and they are really helpful to keep a peaceful and safe household for New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, or any holiday that includes fireworks.

  •  Be sure your pet is wearing an up to date tag with pertinent info, in case they run away or jump the fence
  •  Take a current photo of your pet, just in case
  •  Exercise your pet early in the day, before parties begin
  •  During cookouts, ask guests to play with your animals away from the flames
  •  Keep charcoal, glow sticks, firecrackers, and sparklers away from curious pets
  •  Keep dog treats close by, so that guests can give them to your pet, and hopefully calm him down
  •  Leave your dog at home with a frozen stuffed treat during the fireworks
  •  If your dog is afraid of loud music, play soothing tunes to (hopefully) cover up the sound of the fireworks

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