Fame and fortune, for many those words, conjure up a vision of a singing elf and red nose reindeer but this is a story about a different kind of animal with an even more unique physical characteristic. The animal that this story is about is a cow. It's a cow with five legs. And yes, this cow is already beginning to enjoy the spotlight of becoming Facebook Famous.

That is video from the Facebook Page Elsie's Journey. Elsie, you may have noticed from the video doesn't look exactly like all the other calves. Elsie has a fifth leg. And that fifth leg is conveniently located on top of her head.

Matt Alexander purchased Elsie at an auction a week or so ago and brought the unique animal specimen to his ranch near Lake Charles. Many people in the cattle industry suggested to Matt that Elsie wouldn't likely live very much longer, but so far, the young calf has been living quite well and seems to suffer no ill effects of having an extra appendage.

Matt and his fiance' told reporters from KPLC TV that they will have Elsie examined by a veterinarian and based on the recommendations from the medical team will decide whether or not to have the extra appendage removed and when. But as for now, Elsie is living every young cow's dream. With the exception that she is living her dreams out in front of the public eye via Facebook.

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