Have you noticed the number of automobile accidents in Lafayette lately?

Each day at the station we look at the traffic reports and there has been a noticeable trend as of late. We seem to be seeing more and more accidents throughout the city.

Even on gorgeous days, with no rain or fog in the forecast, the traffic report each day is filled with automobile accidents in Lafayette.

Now, can we eliminate all of these accidents, the answer is no, but we can do a few things while on the roads to help reduce the number of accidents---YES!


For one, we can stay off of our cell phones while driving the busy roadways in Lafayette. I can't tell you how many times during the day I see someone driving in Lafayette with their head down.

If we'd eliminate this distraction I am convinced that we could cut the number of accidents in Lafayette by 25%. Police officers, I have spoken to have told me that cell phones are one of the major reasons why so many wreck these days.

Please put the phone down and get to your destination safely.


People in Lafayette, we have got to stop using the turning lane as a passing lane. I lost a good friend in an automobile accident in Lafayette because someone thought that they could use a turning lane as a passing lane.

Too many people speed through turning lanes in Lafayette and just drive through these lanes for blocks---That's NOT what they are for.


I may upset some here, but I wish Lafayette would bring back the red light cameras. Yes, I said it.

It is so dangerous to go through an intersection in Lafayette when the light is green on your side. You just never know if the person approaching the red light is going to stop.

We have got to STOP running red lights in Lafayette. It's so dangerous and too many people have been injured in accidents that should not happen, if people would just obey the traffic signals across the city.


Something else we can do in Lafayette to help reduce the number of automobile accidents is SLOW DOWN.

Why are so many people in a hurry in Lafayette? Where are they going that they have to speed through the city and exceed the speed limits posted?

I have people pass me on a daily basis in Lafayette and if they have to apply their breaks, they are not stopping right away. Thus, this is how accidents happen.

I'll also note here that we have got to slow down in school zones. Be aware of the speed limits in certain zones in the city before it's too late and someone has to remind you that you were driving too fast.

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I know that we like to be generous here in Lafayette and I love every bit of it, but it's time to stop letting other drivers enter into oncoming traffic.

Often the person entering the roadway can't see other vehicles approaching and they often jump into lanes with traffic in them.

I know that we like to help others here, but maybe it's time to stop allowing vehicles that are exiting parking lots to enter the traffic lanes.

Hence, I saw two accidents in the same spot on Ambassador Caffery this week where someone was attempting to cross two lanes of traffic after being allowed into the lanes.


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