Lafayette and Acdiana are no strangers to what may or may not be UFO sightings. What the heck are these strange lights people keep getting video of floating around in the skies over Cajun country? A video I personally took is included in this of  "Five Times People Saw UFOs Over Lafayette And Acadiana". To this day I don't have an answer as to what it I videoed in the sky that night.

1) UFO Over Maurice - One person commented on YouTube saying they think these are Chinese lanterns in the sky. They definitely have a glow to them that looks like fire. In the UFO video I took, my initial thought was that I was seeing Chinese lanterns too, but the way they moved in the sky was just too strange. I'll explain more later.


2) UFO At Sertoma Cajun Air Festival In Lafayette - This one is kind of interesting. Shot in 2008 at the Sertoma Air Festival at the Lafayette airport, you'll notice something go zooming by four jets during the show. Jets are fast, but whatever this thing is way faster.


3) UFO Over Walmart In Lafayette - In this video, you'll see an odd red/orange light floating in the sky above Walmart in Lafayette. You can also hear other people in the parking lot commenting about the strange light as well. I think this is the same night I filmed something in the sky above my house, because what I saw looked identical to this, only there were multiple lights.


4) UFOs Flying Over My House - Friday night (05/15/15) there were quite a few strange lights floating in the sky over Lafayette. This video doesn't quite show it well, but there were dozens of these lights over about a 20 minute period. The lights were actually the color of fire, and did not blink. They look like they're blinking in this video because they're traveling behind clouds. Pretty sure they're not Chinese lanterns due to how high in the sky they were. If they were, they would have had to have been HUGE. Ive heard there was some sort of military thing going on that night, but I've never seen aircraft lights this color.


5) UFO Over Opelousas - In this video uploaded four months ago in Opelousas, you can see a single light hovering in the sky. What I like about this video, is the man shooting it clearly sees an airplane in the distance and can compare the lights of the two crafts.



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