Mispronouncing words is a common thing in south Louisiana. I don't know if it's that we just really don't understand how to pronounce words properly or we have that lack of enunciating thing working against us.

It's okay because the rest of America has trouble with certain words too. Dictionary.com has come up with five words we mispronounce the most. Actually it's the words we use but have a hard time with.

They based their findings on how many people click the audio button next to a word online to see how to pronounce it.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Coupon (KOO-pon) - A lot of people say "KYOO-pon". I said something totally different as a kid. It was more French sounding like "KOO-pawh" (or something like that.)
  2. Mischievous (MISS-cheh-vous) - It should be three syllables not four. But a bunch of folks say "miss-CHEE-vee-ous".
  3. Reservoir - People ignore the second "r" and say "res-UH-voir".
  4. Prerogative - Don't listen to the old Bobby Brown song. It's "PRUH-rogative," not "PER-ogative."
  5. Espresso - Most people seem to say "EX-presso", but there's no "x" in there.

What's that one word that even though you know it's wrong, you still can't seem to pronounce properly?

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