Adding "sha" at the end of a sentence doesn't make you sound Cajun.

Faking a Cajun accent is way more difficult than people think. I mean, look at Dennis Quaid! He's been nominated for two Golden Globes and he still completely butchered a Cajun accent in The Big Easy, but we'll get to that in a little bit.

I'm convinced that the real test of a great actor is if they can do a spot-on Cajun accent. Australian accent? No problem, mate! British? Easy as can be, old chap! But a Cajun accent? Now, that takes some serious talent.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever watched a movie and thought to myself "what a great Cajun accent!" But according to, these actors were the worst of the worst when it comes to big-screen Cajun accents.

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    Wilford Brimley

    as Uncle Douvee in "Hard Target"

    "Hard Target" is about a woman who hires a drifter to guide her through New Orleans, which leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse. If that exciting synopsis doesn't make you want to watch the movie, then maybe the promise of a terrible Cajun accent will do the trick.

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    Jean Claude Van Damme

    as Luc Devereaux in "Universal Soldier"

    Jean Claude Van Damme plays some sort of zombie cyborg in "Universal Soldier". Honestly, I don't even know why he has to have a Cajun accent? I mean, yes, his character is from Louisiana, but I feel like he could have gotten away with dropping the accent in his zombie/cyborg life.

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    Jean Claude Van Damme

    as Chance Boudreaux in "Hard Target"

    Yes, Jean Claude Van Damme and "Hard Target" made this list twice, that's how bad this movie is. So, I'm a little surprised that a "Hard Target 2" was made in 2016. I'll assume the Cajun accents are equally as terrible.

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    Adam Sandler

    as Bobby Boucher in "The Waterboy"

    We've all seen "The Waterboy" and we've all cringed at Adam Sandler's Cajun accent. It's just bad. It's all so very. very bad.

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    Dennis Quaid

    as Remy McSwain in "The Big Easy"

    Aw, cher t’bebe, that accent is sad. And I love Dennis Quaid, so putting him on this list is breaking my heart a little bit. But after watching the trailer for "The Big Easy", it's pretty clear that he belongs in the #1 spot.

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