About two this morning I started to notice the tapping of raindrops on the studio window. It was long after that the tapping turned into more of a drum beat as big tropical raindrops were being pushed into the glass but the gusty breezes of Tropical Storm Cindy.

We are certainly no strangers to the tropical weather here in South Louisiana. However, the threat of copious amounts of rainfall has a lot of us on edge. We remember the flooding of August when the rain started in the early morning hours and didn't quit for a day and a half.  Those fresh memories plus a recent deluge in April have high water on the minds of many this morning.

Here are the facts. In August of 2016 much of the area received 20 inches of rainfall over two days. The rainfall amounts expected from Tropical Storm Cindy are anywhere from three inches to five inches. those totals could be higher along the coast and isolated areas will exceed the five-inch forecast. Yes, there will be some flooding but it shouldn't be the kind of historic flooding of last August.

Still, the anxiety over going through what we've just gone through is hard to deal with. However, there are things you can do to help ease your anxiety. One of the first things you can do is call someone. It could be a professional therapist or just a friend. Expressing our feelings out loud seems to help us have a better understanding of them.

For parents, it's important to know that your children will pick up on your actions and emotions. That's why the experts recommend you take the time to talk with your children about what you're feeling and listen to their feelings too. Should you notice that your feelings or the feelings of your children are affecting your normal day to day activities that's when it might be a good idea to visit with a professional.

Here's another tip, don't be consumed by coverage of the storm. Do make sure you are informed but don't allow yourself to become totally immersed in the story. It's okay to take a break to watch a movie, listen to some music, even do some work. Make sure the kids have activities that allow them to focus on fun and not the forecast or your anxiety.

We know it's tough. We're going through it as well. The good news is that despite the hardships of last August we got through it or we're getting through it. You're among friends and people who care. Take a deep breath things won't be perfect but they won't be as bad as your imagination is leading you to believe it might be.

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