He's much braver than me.

A man in Florida defended himself, and his property, against an angry alligator by using a unique weapon of choice---A CAT IRON SKILLET.

As the alligator approached the man, he lifted the skillet overhead and took a nice swing at the gator.

When once hit wasn't enough, the man hit the alligator again with the skillet and that was enough to have the alligator retreat back into the water.

By the looks of it, this man was prepared for the challenge and was apparently aware of the alligator in the area.

I'd never recommend trying this if an alligator is approaching, but you can give it up for "Florida Man" here.

Check out this wild video.

One of the best comments under this video shows another person, who is fishing, doing likewise when it comes to confronting an alligator.

This guy just took one swing at the alligator as it was approaching the fish he had on the line. Nice swing, sir!


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