Just like we can expect ice on the windshield this time of year we can also expect wadded up tissues in the garbage can. It's flu season and the flu activity is showing signs of increasing in the state. Just last week one of our co-workers was diagnosed with the flu and fortunately for all of us he had the good sense to stay home.

According the Department of Health and Hospitals Louisiana traditionally gets a late start on flu season compared to the rest of the country. But Frank Welch director of that department says this year is different.

"Our influenza activity is just about at the regional base line, but that's higher than we typically have seen in the past few years."

The good news about the increase in the flu activity is this. The strain of flu that appears to be most prevalent in the state is the same strain that can be prevented by getting a flu shot. Welch and many other health care providers encourage you to get a flu shot now to avoid the pain and suffering later. He also suggests there is another benefit to getting the flu shot.

"Not only so you won't get the flu, but remember the flu has to come from someone else.  So by getting your flu shot you're not spreading the flu to anyone else."

Welch made these comments in a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network.


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