The first few weeks of November are notorious for sniffling, sneezing, runny noses, and a general yuck feeling. Fortunately for many of us that sniffling and sneezing has not been related to the flu. That's the good news that is being reported by the Department of Health and Hospitals. 

Dr. Frank Welch told the Louisiana Radio Network that last year at this same time three percent of all doctor visits in Lousiana were for the flu.  This year things are much better as we stand on the doorstep of an another flu season.

One out of every 100 doctor visits in Louisiana is for flu-like symptoms and that's really low. We are fortunate this year that flu season really hasn't started yet.

Dr. Welch says it's very difficult to explain why this year's flu season is starting slower than last year's. He does speculate that it the decrease in flu cases appears to result of a more effective vaccine. 

This year the flu vaccine is a much better match to what we think is gonna go around.

Welch is suggesting that everyone who can get a flu shot do so and do it now. As the weather gets colder and people spend more and more time together inside that is how the virus starts to spread so protecting yourself and your family now seems to be a great precaution to take.