When cleaning the house, are there certain areas you despise getting to because they are just a headache? Some people can’t stand doing the dishes and some hate doing the clothes.

What about the bathroom? We all know it’s the dirtiest and least appealing to clean. But one part of it that I dread cleaning the most is the shower. It’s as if no matter what brush and cleaner I use or how hard I scrub, I can’t ever get it as clean as I would like it to be.

The Finish Store via Amazon.com
The Finish Store via Amazon.com

Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong. According to a recent article, the new trend is cleaning your shower with a dishwasher tablet.

The hack was being shared on a Facebook group called Mums Who Clean and it seemed to be a hit.

Gemma is one of the members in the group and she explained how she put the tablet to use saying, “I literally just made sure the shower was wet, used a tiny bit of water on the tablet to soften it, then wiped over with the tablet.”

The trend continued with more comments from members trying it out themselves, even adding the different things they added along the way.

bathroom sink

Two other members commented on their experiences. The first said, “My sister-in-law melts the tablets in hot water and makes a paste. Easy to smear over the shower.” The other commented that she “used dishwashing liquid with a bit of vinegar and water” and it worked like a charm.

It sounds like there are many hacks to the hack itself and you can’t go wrong with any option. I think I might have to give this cleaning hack a try!

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