I will be the first to admit that as much as I wish I could effectively clean my house at least once a week, I’m just not that person. This means my house typically looks like a tornado ran through it, and I get serious anxiety just thinking about cleaning it.

To make it worse, when I do attempt to clean, my ADHD kicks in, and I end up distracted with 14 different things within the first 30 minutes. Can you relate?

If so, this TikTok mom posted her strategy for cleaning a pig stye (aka your house) when there’s a lot to tackle and you are just a little overwhelmed.

Some might watch this video and think it’s a tad counterproductive, but to those who do experience ADHD/anxiety/just becoming overwhelmed this is a great idea. Sharon talks about how her method keeps her focused which is so true.

I always have to organize before breaking out the cleaning products, and that means I can start picking up trash and end up cleaning out every drawer in my kitchen. Sharon’s method is a great way to stay on task while knocking out more than one room at once.

Have you ever tried this method? Was it successful?

If you have any other great cleaning ideas that work well for the stressed/overwhelmed mom, let us know!

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