Last week, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory announced that they would be severing ties with then-Police Chief Thomas Glover. Guillory announced that in the interim, Sergeant Wayne Griffin is taking over the job as chief.

Facebook via Jan Swift
Facebook via Jan Swift

Glover began working as the Chief of the Lafayette Police Department in January of this year after a nationwide search. He served in that capacity for a period of ten months before being relieved of his duties. The hiring of Glover came around four months after the shooting death of Trayford Pellerin. Pellerin was shot outside of a convenience store while attempting to go into that store armed with a knife.

Glover joined us on "Acadiana's Morning News" to talk about the many rumors that have circulated for months surrounding the chief.

One of the topics was about Captain Mike Brown. He says accusations that he was favoring Brown or protecting him in any way are patently false. The discussion stemmed from an incident concerning Brown and a tenant dispute. Glover says that he would not and did not protect Brown from any investigation.

Lafayette Police Car
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Another topic that came up during this morning's show delved into private security jobs that police officers take part in to supplement their salaries. According to Lafayette Consolidated Government's website, the starting salary for a police officer in Lafayette is $34,600 a year. Officers work off-duty jobs for various entities including nightclubs.

Glover says he has heard a multitude of rumors about himself, and he decided to accept our invitation to do an interview in order to set the record straight. As far as what the future holds, he says he hasn't completely made up his mind yet.

Click below to hear the interview.

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