Former LSU stud, Alex Bregman, has been outstanding in his career with the Astros. He has been a consistent run producer for the team all season long and put his talents on display again in their Sunday night matchup against the Oakland A’s.

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Bregman hit a two-run blast to start the game for the Astros and helped his team to a crucial 6-3 victory as they continue to battle for playoff positioning. While the home run itself was really impressive, it’s the meaning behind the home run that had one fan amazed. Bregman promised a little girl just hours before the game that he would a hit home run for her. He would deliver on that promise right away.

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The little girl was from Uvalde, Texas. Uvalde is the Texas community that was left absolutely heart-broken earlier this summer after a mass shooting at a local elementary took place. The little girl was invited to the game along with 500 other members of the community as part of the Astro’s “Uvalde Strong Day".

The community members were also invited to a meet and greet before the game where the little girl would meet Alex Bregman. Bregman went on to speak to the little girl for a while and would eventually promise to a hit a home run for her. Here is what Bregman had to say after delivering on that Promise.

This Is not the first time an Astro’s player has delivered on a home run promise for a worthy cause. In 2008, Miguel Tejada promised a young boy diagnosed with muscular dystrophy that he would hit a homer for him. He would do just that while also helping the Astros to an 8-4 victory over the Brewers.

Stories like these remind us that sports are so much bigger than just winning and losing.

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